Chronium is a sequencer/synthesizer app for creating, recording, and sharing complex melodies simply by a few finger touches.

Touch the fingerboard to start, stop, or modify a voice. The horizontal axis of the fingerboard corresponds to different frequencies, similar to a guitar fingerboard. The vertical axis corresponds to different sounds and rhythm patterns which you can configure. On 3D Touch devices (for example iPhone 6S), the pressure applied to the fingerboard affects the sound by changing filter parameters or modulation depths. On other devices, the same parameters are controlled by an estimate of the surface touched by your finger.

Rhythm patterns are generated by an enhanced version of the Logique Analogique pattern generation and sounds are produced by an advanced virtual analog sound synthesis engine that enables morphing between classic analog and FM synth sounds.

Logique Analogique

Logique Analogique

Logique Analogique brings sequencing by analog logic functions combined with 1-bit sound synthesis to your iPad, nicely packaged with a lot of 80s retro charme.

The Logique Analogique sequencer consists of an 8-bit binary counter and four tracks which generate pulse waves when a user-defined majority function depending on the counter bits is true. Switches which select the counter bits (or their logic inverse) and a threshold voltage define the majority function. The output is calculated as the XOR function of the four tracks' signals, which produces a ring modulation like effect.

Running the Logique Analogique app in landscape mode shows the original circuit while in portrait mode, the app shows the (interactive) schematic and an arranger. The arranger represents a configuration of the Logique Analogique circuit using a thumbnail picture and allows looping sequences of up to 64 measures. See also

Logique Analogique


Wouldn't it be great if your workout music would not just play inside your head, but rather be a part of your environment? Now this is possible!

RunningMusic™ lets you experience music in a completely new way while jogging, cycling, running on a treadmill, etc. RunningMusic™ plays content from the music library of your iPod touch or iPhone as if your were running amidst loudspeakers placed in your environment.

This stunning experience is possible due to our cutting edge BR2™ binaural rendering algorithm which realistically simulates acoustic environments.



BR2™ is a binaural audio renderer designed to deliver a realistic binaural audio experience at a small computational cost. The BR2 algorithm can handle any number of sound sources and simulates the direct sound and up to eight early reflections per source as well as diffuse reverberation.

Possible applications include video games, teleconferencing, auditory displays, music reproduction, perceptual research, etc. Currently, the BR2™ algorithm is available as a stand-alone library and as plugin (DSP effect) for FMOD. For detailed specifications and licensing options, please contact us.


VirtualRoom is an iOS application which simulates the acoustics of a room and reproduces the sound signals for the two ears of a virtual listener inside the room. Listening to these signals using headphones gives the impression of being inside the room at the position of the listener.

Sound rendering is done using the BR1 algorithm (the predecessor of BR2) and the different sound sources and the listener can be moved in realtime using the iOS device's multi-touch display.


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